Melissa Marsh: why every building needs a Chief Technology Officer

The founder of Plastarc, the New York-based workplace strategist, explains that companies cannot afford to miss out on the data that can drive a better occupier experience in the workplace

A keynote speaker at WORKTECH conferences in New York and Toronto in 2016, Melissa Marsh is the Founder and Executive Director of Plastarc, a consultancy that combines workplace strategy, social research and people analytics, and a partner at US real estate firm Savills Studley. In this exclusive video interview for the Academy, she explains why every organisation should have a Chief Technology Officer to exploit the emerging opportunities of smart buildings and big data.

Marsh also discusses the reasons behind the rise of corporate interest in co-working – and why we are now living through ‘a golden age for workplace architecture and design’ as technologies untether people from their desks.

An in-depth interview with Melissa Marsh can be found on the Academy’s Innovation zone.