Perfect ten as New York prepares to discuss a broader future of work

WORKTECH New York marks its decade-long run in Manhattan with a conference and masterclass exploring work beyond the office walls and how to live and work in a post-capitalist economy

WORKTECH New York will mark its tenth anniversary in the Big Apple on 17-18 May this year. The conference, hosted by Convene, will focus on relevant themes such as evidence-led workplace design, people analytics and the flexible future of real estate. Critically, it will also look beyond the four walls of an office to explore the impact of global societal changes on the world of work.

Jess Kimball, global chief futurist of Ogilvey Consulting, will be setting the tone for the event talking about automation and how the capitalist economy as we know it will start to alter form. In the midst of rapid transformation, Kimball believes a post-capitalist economy will emerge, consisting of more partial employment and an employment model no longer fixated on wage power.

‘An employment model no longer fixated on wage power…’

According to research by Harvard University’s Lawrence Katz in 2016, 94 per cent of new employment growth over the past 10 years has been in freelance work. Speakers at WORKTECH New York will explore different and innovative ways to navigate through this maelstrom of change by showcasing world-leading case studies and debating alternative views through panel discussions.

As a result of economic and social changes, physical space is also set to alter. Max Oglesbee of technology service company Intersection will talk about the importance of creating responsive cities that are human-led as opposed to sensor-led.

Scott Brownrigg’s Steffan Wiliams and Christopher Blackadder will weigh in with a new design strategy to enhance employee engagement, using recent case studies to illustrate how evidence-led design will allow business leaders to align their workplace with their business objectives.

Last year’s WORKTECH New York conference focused on the changing dynamic at the intersection of facilities, IT and HR roles and its impact on creating complex environments that give employees freedom, autonomy and choice in their workplace. This year’s event will take broader perspective beyond the office and in the societies where work happens.

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