Preview: Sydney set to explore communities built on communication

Changing the tone of communication, connecting up technology, people and place, and negotiating the future of urban development will be the key talking points at WORKTECH Sydney 2018 on 21 March

‘Who you work with is more important than who you work for…and who you know determines what you know’, explains Ken Everett, author of Designing the Networked Organisation and keynote speaker at WORKTECH Sydney 2018, which takes place on 21 March at Sydney’s International Convention Centre.

The conference will explore the relationship between networks, communication and technology. Ryan Anderson of technology company Teem will explain why there should be a change of tone between leaders and employees – with one-way communication channels abolished – so that the work community can be unified.

Philip Ross of UnWork and Matthew Claudel of MIT will join the conversation on how new combinations of people, technology and place can rethink ways of working, not only within a single organisation, but on a city-wide and even global scale. And experts in urban  development will look at place-making that meets our future working needs while keeping things at a human scale.

Sydney is getting ready to talk the talk.

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