Wellness 17: gearing up to de-stress and be mindful

As workplace health and wellbeing rises fast up the business agenda, we look ahead to WORKTECH’s Wellness 2017 conference, lined up for Credit Suisse in London on 5 September

We could all do with those small but powerful moments of tranquility in the workplace – and it is up to designers to deliver them.

According to Aidan Walker, a keynote speaker at Wellness 17, designers need to draw on the Seven Principles of Mindful Design, or the ‘Seven C’s: Curiosity; Compassion; Creativity; Craftsmanship; Communication; Collaboration and Critical Intelligence.

Walker suggests that while we need to embrace the benefits of mindfulness as applied to productivity and the bottom line, we also need to remember that it is not just another management tool. It foreshadows a new way of thinking, a new way of living and a new way of working.

Mindful design, says Walker, is the way the ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ elements of workspace can mix, match and marry – to the benefit of all.

Thinking new thoughts about employee wellbeing…

Intrigued? Aidan Walker’s work on mindful design is not the only presentation set to get us thinking fresh thoughts about employee wellbeing in the workplace.

Tom Savigar of The Future Laboratory will explore the future of wellbeing, Bruce Daisley of Twitter will discuss surviving a working world under stress, and Ali Ganjavian of Studio Banana, inventor of the famous Ostrich Pillow, will share ideas on feeling good.

Add in contributions from Transport for London, Nuffield Health, Birkbeck College and the Bank of England’s Mental Health Network and the fullest landscape of wellness in the workplace will be revealed under the chairmanship of workplace expert Despina Katsikakis.

WORKTECH’s Wellness conference made its debut in 2016 at the Deloitte workplace in New Street Square, London, offering a powerful perspective on the growing importance of health and wellbeing through 18 speaker presentations.

Topics ranged from managing mental health, eating the right food and improving the quality of sleep to circadian lighting, giving more personal autonomy, slowing down and WELL Building certification.

Get set for another fact-filled, advice-centred programme at Wellness 17.

More information on the Wellness 2017 conference here