Why speedaholic workers should slow down

The modern workplace is addicted to speed. Don’t just do something, sit there, says Carl Honore

Carl Honore, best-selling author of In Praise of Slow, recognised he needed to slow down when he toyed with the idea of speed-reading to his young son at bedtime. Now he’s one of the most persuasive champions of the entire Slow movement, which encompasses slow food, slow management, slow design, slow fashion, slow science, even slow sex. As Honore explains:  ‘Once you put the slow chip in your head, you recognise that it turns everything upside down and will revolutionise everything you do.’

A keynote speaker at WORKTECH London 2015, Honore is a big critic of the action-oriented workplace. He believes the future will be all about doing things well rather than doing things fast. In this exclusive WORKTECH Academy video interview, he explains why we should all do less and think more in order to de-accelerate our speedaholic working culture.