Global review: understanding The World of Work in 2018

The Global Partners of WORKTECH Academy have joined forces to create a compendium of new trends for this year. The future of work and workplace is explored under five headings: technology, design, culture, place and people

If you thought you might catch your breath during 2018 after a long period of tumultuous change in work and workplace, you can forget it. According to the Global Partners of WORKTECH Academy, what’s on the horizon right now brings several new twists to the story.

In a new report, The World of Work in 2018, big shifts are identified and analysed right across the spectrum of disciplines that shape the contemporary workplace.

Private space is back

In technology, for example, we may well see the first robot receptionist in place this year, but the smartest action will be at the intersection of AI and human intelligence. In design, private and enclosed spaces are set to make a comeback after years of open plan, with the concept of the biophilic office ‘landscape’ revived 60 years after Bürolandschaft was launched in Germany.

The range of touchy-feely cultural amenities required to improve the workplace experience will become broader than ever – not just great food, but childcare, yoga classes, cry rooms, fitness centres and so on. Place will be transformed by new, flexible, consumer-centred  real-estate models that adopt new technologies, and the co-working juggenaut will show no sign of slowing down.

‘Brave spaces’ making an entry?

Finally, the people agenda in the workplace will get to grips with mental health, exploring ways to create a better work-life blend, and with diversity in all its forms. Companies might even set up ‘safe spaces’ protect the sensitivities of particular groups, and ‘brave spaces’ for different views to be aired.

WORKTECH Academy worked closely with its six Global partners – Aramark/LifeWorks Restaurant Group, BVN Architects, Condeco Software, Fourfront Group, Haworth and UnWork – to produce the report.


The World of Work in 2018 can be accessed here.