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Supercharge your workplace with The Workplace SuperApp™

The Workplace SuperApp™ is a platform that consolidates the services, features, and functions of the workplace tech stack into a single mobile app. The workplace solution helps companies simplify the complexities of hybrid work, by combining a mobile-first employee app with over 150 native features, 100+ workplace integrations, location services, and a growing partner ecosystem into one hybrid workplace platform. The company’s SaaS platform helps enterprise organizations connect and power every experience through one mobile app, so employees and operations can make faster, reliable, data-driven decisions across the workplace.

Our app helps employees navigate every part of their day, from finding the right parking spot to booking a desk next to their colleagues. By combining our unique array of easy-to-use employee centric features as well as built-in workplace analytics and management dashboards, employers can create a bespoke, personalized and engaging employee experience for their people, whether they’re working at home, in the office or in-between.

Top features of The Workplace SuperApp™ include:

  • Desk & Room Booking: See which desks and rooms are available in real-time and book them instantly.
  • Colleague Desk Visibility: View where your coworkers are in the office so you can work together when they’re on-site.
  • Corporate Communications: Selectively share global, regional and local notifications to keep your people informed.
  • Corporate Wayfinding: Get clear, step-by-step navigation to anywhere in the office, with alternative routes for accessibility.
  • Interactive Social Feed: Build community by enabling employees to post, like and comment on peer-to-peer content.
  • Workplace Analytics: Gain visibility into the occupancy and usage of each room, floor and building, so you can see which spaces to keep and which ones to re-vamp.
  • And more!

To learn more about CXApp, visit our website and book a tour of The Workplace SuperApp™ today!