Is there a time limit on managers?

Should we call time on out-of-touch managers in the workplace?

If organisations employ people based on the assumption that they know how to do their job, is there still a role for the hierarchical manager? Arraz Makhzani looks into how organisations might function without managers

Long working hours

Death wish: are we killing ourselves to work?

New research suggests that working more than 40 hours a week is profoundly detrimental to our health. So why is the global workplace so wedded to long working hours – and is there an alternative model we should adopt?

Striking the wrong note: three ways you are collaborating badly

Ever wondered why, despite an abundance of meetings, brainstorms, time sheets and appraisals, we often struggle to collaborate effectively? Here are three ways people get it wrong

Start-ups, health habits and sunlight in Singapore

The 2015 edition of WORKTECH Singapore featured a trio of keynote speakers looking at entrepreneurial, lifestyle and architectural challenges in the region