Building creative networks requires a new type of leadership

In these three videos, part of an eight-video series produced by Microsoft and PopTech on the changing world of work, international experts discuss how to build creative networks and reverse decades of employee disengagement

This video, entitled Working Like A Network, suggests that the future of work is not about an office full of 10,000 employees – it is about a network of 10,000 people who are not necessarily employed by the same company but who are working to create and build something.


In the video, Leadership in Transition, lessons are drawn from the US military in developing ‘shared consciousness’ – so that everybody has contextual understanding of not just the big picture but of the constantly evolving situation.


This video, entitled Unlocking Creativity, advances the idea that in the 21st century almost anything you imagine being done by a machine will be done by a machine. And what that leaves us with is a creative space that requires employees to be fully engaged.