Calling companies to take part in tracking research study

Do you want an insight into the hybrid future of work and a comparison of how your organisation compares to others? Canadian analytics company Collabogence is looking for firms to participate in a novel data survey

How can we use insights from the past 18 months to track the future of work, structure sound workplace strategies and ensure that we have the right amount and type of office space going forward?

That’s the big question right now – and it forms the backdrop to a workplace research project being launched by my analytics firm, Collabogence to Collaborate, in partnership with WORKTECH Academy.

We are looking for up to 20 organisations in the WORKTECH network to contribute to our study. You must be willing to contribute data on the work patterns of between 1,000 to 10,000 individuals from a business unit or two, using several buildings. All data will, of course, be de-identified.

‘How do we ensure that we have the right amount and type of office space going forward?’

The study will have two phases. Phase I will set the pre Covid-19 office baseline, examine the change in moving to Work from Home (WFH), and examine the change in how people worked together from early to late WFH. Phase 2 will examine the change in moving back to the office, a transition into a ‘new normal’, and assess workplace polices and space requirements (both in terms of design and capacity).

Each participating organisation will receive a complete breakdown of your people, groups and spaces across the changes; and also a comparison on how your organisation compares to the other contributing organisations.

Upon the completion of each phase, a white paper will be published and distributed via the WOKTECH Academy platform. Nothing will be published without prior approval of each participating organisation. You may choose not to have your organisation’s name mentioned.

Interesting in participating? Contact Collabogence to Collaborate and we will send you an information pack, with a list of all elements to be measured, and set up a call to discuss any questions you might have.

Interested in sponsoring this study? Are you a supplier of solutions or consultant in the workplace strategy space and would like to have the visibility of being associated with this work and its finding? There are several alternatives.

Contact us in the first instance: [email protected]

Read Peter Smit’s commentary on the hybrid work model here.

Peter Smit is the CEO & founder of Collabogence, a Toronto-based analytics company which integrates people analytics with workplace analytics for higher-level insights
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