Lendlease developed the X Ray app

The human app fusion: creating data that counts

How much data is too much data? Lendlease’s workplace app, X Ray, fuses human observations with mobile technology to create data which can give accurate, holistic and transparent outcomes for new workplace strategies

Lendlease placemaking in Baranagroo

Making a place for the placemakers

From wellness rooms to team homes, Lendlease’s Natalie Slessor discusses what makes a successful working environment in an interview with CBRE

Community is key in the workplace

Let’s stop talking about workplace…

Community can be the new workplace strategy in a move from a workplace-centric to a work-life focus. Natalie Slessor of Lendlease heralds a new approach to city innovation at WORKTECH Sydney 17

Choice is key in workspace

The diverse future of workspace in the gig economy

A UK roundtable of workplace experts convened by Management Today looks at how the physical workplace will influence work behaviours in the age of neurodiversity and on-demand working

Health and welless

Mind over matter: how to implement the right wellbeing strategy

From nutrition to sleep, Duncan Young of Lendlease describes the key to implementing an effective health and wellbeing strategy in the workplace

We are creatures of habitat

Creatures of habitat: four ways to create a more human workplace

There is no silver bullet for the success of workplace design, but Natalie Slessor of Lendlease says there are four basic principles to underpin a people-centred office

Australia's first timber office

Timber! Lendlease completes first wooden workplace

Could timber offices be the answer to the challenges of talent attraction, health and wellbeing and sustainability? Lendlease built Australia’s first wooden office and it’s proving popular

Design in extended family zones

Family ties: closing the gap between work and home

As technology erodes the barrier between home and work, the physical workspace needs to mirror this trend. Lendlease looked at family relationships to design its new headquarters in Sydney