Flexible workspace

Flex appeal: Asia-Pacific’s rising flexible workspace market

Asia-Pacific is fast becoming the global leader in flexible workspace according to new market research from Instant Group - and the trend shows no signs of slowing down

Desk to District: expanding horizons in collaborative innovation

How can organisations connect their workplaces to an ecosystem of innovation? A new report by International Quarter London in partnership with the WORKTECH Academy looks at three stages of collaborative innovation from workspace to district scale

The top six priorities facing the workplace right now

How do organisations prioritise what’s truly relevant to their workplace? A new report from Condeco wades through the fads and trends to outline a roadmap of what really matters in the modern workplace

Where the wild things aren’t: how the workplace can learn from the zoo

How can the zoo teach us to create more humane workplaces? Ari Kepnes of workplace occupancy company Density looks at how organisations can benefit from adaptive and flexible workplaces

Education and its campuses are dramatically changing

How digital learners are reshaping the university campus

Hats off to a new report that explores how a combination of new technology and the changing demographics of students will reinvent the educational campus of the future

The guild of the 21st Century has arrived

Is the co-working movement the high-tech remake of the medieval craft guild?

From professional clusters to shared ideas and attitudes, does the new generation of coworking spaces remind you of something?

The future of the smart precinct

How smart precincts will shape the dynamics of the changing city

Smart precincts that combine novel mixed-use placemaking with emerging digital technologies are becoming testbeds for urban innovation.  A new discussion paper from developer Mirvac and WORKTECH Academy explores the potential

What Amazon’s workplace wish list tells us about the future city

As Amazon draws closer to a decision about a new location for its second headquarters in North America, its public declaration of demands has prompted questions about what the future city requires to attract forward-thinking enterprises