Chicago calling as hybrid working goes under the microscope

WORKTECH’s upcoming summer conference in Chicago tackles some of the biggest challenges of new ways of working, from increasing hybrid inclusivity to creating spaces for intense focus

Taking place at EY Wavespace in Chicago on Wednesday 19 July 2023, WORKTECH Chicago will take on some of the biggest challenges facing hybrid working today – from discussing how we should construct offices to allow us to focus to how we can embed belonging and purpose into hybrid working contexts. Here we take a look at the speakers that will be taking to the stage:

The eudaemonia machine

David Dewane, Chief Experience Officer of Physical Space and Adjunct Professor at Illinois Institute of Technology, will be giving a keynote speech around his reimagination of office space in order to provide the right environment for different types of work. The traditional open-plan office was designed for productivity and equality, but who doesn’t find the noise stressful and distracting? Alternatives are possible. Taking influence from the word ‘eudaemonia’ from the Greek concept of deep personal flourishing, Dewane was inspired to bring this sensation back to the workplace with his new model for working which provides space for different levels of focus.

Joy is in the journey

As Vice President of Workplace Experience at Wells Fargo, Jeffrey Martin knows the importance of getting new ways of working right. In this session he will be discussing the power of journey mapping in equipping us with the information to make decisive choices about the space and technology that employees need to facilitate modern ways of working. Understanding the experiences of individuals will help create better workplace experiences for all and allow us to make better choices that reflect the different needs of different personas in the workplace, preventing employee frustration.

Hybrid inclusion

We have come to understand the importance of creating a sense of belonging within a company, but doing this in remote and hybrid contexts poses new challenges for leaders. For example, how do you deliver feedback without proximity? How can you include the perspectives of people who are not present in the office? How can you ensure that colleagues are supported when struggling if you don’t see them face-to-face? All these questions will be answered in this session by Willie Jackson, Partner and Head of Growth at ReadySet, who will tackle the thorny question of inclusion in a hybrid world in order to give practical advice to leadership.

Finding your balance

In the final keynote, Kelly Robinson, workplace designer and founder of Kelly A. Robinson Designs, will discuss the importance of determining your principles as a company in order to increase your longevity. With a better balance and focus on what a company aims to ultimately achieve, talent attraction and retention will increase alongside the health of a company.

Find out more about the WORKTECH Chicago event and buy tickets here.

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