Higher goals: how Asia Pacific is looking up with cloud computing

More tech infrastructure is heading for the cloud. Rob Wilkinson of Colliers International introduces the Internet of the Workplace, a concept disrupting workplace dynamics in the APAC region

Since the advent of technology in the workplace, offices have been rammed full of expensive, large tech infrastructure – until now. According to Rob Wilkinson of Colliers International and speaker at WORKTECH Singapore 18, organisations now have their sights set higher – on the cloud.

In this exclusive interview with the WORKTECH Academy, Wilkinson talks about the shift to cloud computing and the impact this will have on existing business models. With specific reference to companies in the Asia pacific region, he discusses how IT services will move from large physical infrastructure in the office to the cloud where they are hosted, managed and delivered remotely and on-demand.

However, Wilkinson warns that this technological shift to the Internet of the Workplace won’t come without turbulence – existing business models will have to be reassessed and met with agility as both landlords and occupiers adapt to new demands.

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