Connected lighting leader joins Academy as Global Partner

How will lighting in the digital age shape the next generation of smart buildings? Signify has joined WORKTECH Academy as a Global Partner to share the latest thinking

WORKTECH Academy is pleased to announce that Signify, a world leader in lighting for professionals, consumers and the Internet of Things (IoT), has become a Global Partner.

Signify’s presence right at the heart of our network brings valuable expertise, knowledge and insight in the study and analysis of future work environments, which use connected lighting systems to improve operations, experience and efficiency. Interact is Signify’s flagship professional connected lighting software brand.

Signify now has its own knowledge microsite on the WORKTECH Academy platform where Academy members can access information, ideas and blogs on all aspects of connected lighting, as developments in smart buildings move apace.

‘Explaining how lighting will transform the future workplace…’

WORKTECH Academy director Jeremy Myerson comments: ‘Signify has played a key role in the WORKTECH network for some considerable time – now we’re delighted to welcome this world-leading organisation to our inner circle. From real-time real estate and IoT shifts in sustainability to digital ethics and the role of lighting in wellbeing, you’ll find a wealth of great Signify material on our platform now – and we’ll be calling on the company’s experts to help explain how lighting will transform work and workplace in the future.’

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