Your culture is just the worst behaviour you’re willing to tolerate

Kevin Mulcahy, co-author of The Future Workplace Experience and a keynote speaker at the WORKTECH West Coast 2016 conference, explains why people walk out of companies

How do you make the workplace match the consumer-grade experiences that today’s employees expect? That is the question that Kevin Mulcahy wrestles with in his book, The Future Workplace Experience, co-authored with Jeanne Meister. A keynote speaker at WORKTECH West Coast in San Francisco in October 2016, Mulcahy declares that ‘space is where culture happens’ – space is essential to affirm community, wellness, engagement and choice.

Mulcahy reflects on the importance of leadership in creating a productive culture and argues that a company’s culture is shaped, not by ideals, but by the worst behaviour you are willing to tolerate. People don’t leave companies or leave people, says Mulcahy – they leave bad behaviours.