Digital drive: three areas where technology has had biggest impact

From employee engagement to talent acquisition, advances in technology are continuously driving innovations in the way we work in the modern office

Advances in technology have undoubtedly had the greatest impact on business over the last few decades. Nearly every industry is impacted by the digital world, from finance and law to sales and marketing.

In addition to making our buildings smarter and more efficient, technology has infiltrated our daily working lives and there are three areas in which it has had the biggest impact.

Employee engagement

Employee experience has been at the top of the workplace agenda since Gartner’s alarming 2018 report on poor employee engagement rates. As employees increasingly demand and expect more from their workplace experience, technology has played a growing role to help engage people with their environment and work. From implementing new software to improving communication applications, technology can play a binding role to encourage collaboration and engagement.

Employee engagement strategies are no longer reserved for those who are physically in the office. With more people working flexibly away from the office, technology must be used as a tool to enable communication between remote teams. For those who remain in the office, sensors and IoT can identify the utilisation of space and where certain teams prefer to work – this can help organisations understand how teams work and design the office to optimise inter-team collaboration.

Data analytics and reporting

In today’s workplace, there are thousands of data points throughout the office collecting an almost incomprehensible volume of data. Data analytics and reporting solutions can process this data and turn it into actionable information for organisations to use, without which the data is meaningless. Data analytics tools also empower decision-makers to make accurate and informed choices more quickly.

Talent recruitment

Automation is already commonplace in many organisations, from marketing to process autonomation. However, automation can be used as an active tool to streamline the onboarding and training process of new employees. Employee onboarding software offers benefits from faster administrative processing and improved employer reputation to shortening the learning curve and increased employee engagement and efficiency.

Whilst there are other aspects of workplace in which technology plays a fundamental role, these areas offer insight into the scope of the impact technology has had on the modern workplace. However, with more and more workplace technologies coming to the market, employers need to research which tools are best for their organisation.

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