FT Live: how new technologies are reframing the workplace

From privacy and security to virtual reality, the next event hosted by the Financial Times will focus on the emerging technologies we now need to conduct flexible work

The evolution of working practices hinges on the availability and adoption of new technologies. As a result of the pandemic, many organisations have fast-tracked their plans, adapting quickly to implement new technologies that can ensure effective communication and collaboration in a crisis.

Organisations are now developing new workplace strategies to facilitate hybrid work styles, but they also need to consider their digital strategies in tandem. As organisations move forward with their return to the office strategies, they might find that they can achieve more productive, efficient and meaningful interactions through innovative workplace technologies.

‘Achieving more productive, efficient and meaningful interactions through innovative technologies…’

This is the core message of the next Financial Times event, ‘Future of Work: Digital. This virtual event will be held on 5 October 2021 and it will explore the key themes of: omnichannel working, privacy and security, and virtual reality.

Keynote speakers at the event include Catherine Bessant of the Bank of America, Keith Krut of NASA, and Nicola Mendelsohn of Facebook, among others. They will draw on their expertise of how technology will shape their future workplaces and facilitate new ways of working within their organisations.

The event will present a case for strategic investment in emerging technologies, particularly when the competition for innovation is so fierce amongst competitors. Now is the time for technology leaders and their teams to step up and take an instrumental role in reshaping the new world of work.

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