Get set for Basel: Swiss precision shaping the future of work

Among the many forward-facing sessions at WORKTECH’s 2023 Basel conference, there will be an in-depth look at how the life science sector is faring after the pandemic

The WORKTECH conference series returns to Switzerland, home to many innovative companies engaging with the future of work, next month with WORKTECH Basel taking place at the Novartis Campus on 9 February 2023.

The event is set to examine challenges and trends for the coming year, the rise of workplace experience and how to create employee engagement. There will also be an in-depth look at how the life sciences industry has bounced back from the pandemic.

Which are the WORKTECH Basel sessions to look out for?

Case Study: the new Nike Europe HQ

Chris Middleton, CEO and Founder of Kinzo Architekten, will talk about designing the new European headquarters for Nike and the unique challenges of creating a cohesive, branded space with a vibrant culture in the centre of a major city. A former carpentry workshop is now a major office campus for 300 employees as well as spaces for influencers, athletes, showrooms and sports facilities. With only 30 per cent of the facility comprised of standard office space, the design has considered new ways of working and offers a unique workplace experience.

Case study: UNICEF and agile working

Brian Nicholas, who leads operations and services for UNICEF, will share how this humanitarian aid organisation has pivoted towards an agile and digital-first workplace. Tracing the history of UNICEF’s large-scale transformation from 2018 through to present day, Nicholas will map out how they took a written mandate and made it a physical reality, changing mindsets within the organisation and taking an ecosystem approach to creating a great workplace experience and achieving digital equality.

Four-day working week: pilots and policy

Kyle Lewis, Head of Consultancy at Autonomy, will take delegates through the findings of various four-day working week pilots, from the UK to Iceland, examining the perspective of employees as well as employers. His talk will challenge preconceptions and help us understand why this scheme is so popular and whether it will be transforming our own companies in the year to come.

Expert panel: the future of the life-sciences workplace

In an expert panel, Andrea Verri of CSL Behring, Hassan Shaikh of Boehringer Ingelheim, Philip Tidd, of Gensler, Filipa de Albuquerque of Roche and other major industry players will discuss the changing landscape of the life sciences industry. The panel will highlight the role of data and measurement as well as the importance of facilitating online collaboration in the transformation of the workplace.

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