Go with the flow: how flexible working can help cities in gridlock

David Potter, director of Canadian agency WORKshift and a keynote speaker at the WORKTECH Toronto 2016 conference, explains why cities facing change should rethink their working patterns

David Potter is director of Canadian not-for-profit agency WORKshift, which began life supporting the economic development of Calgary with advice on how to adopt flexible working and has now extended its influence to other Canadian cities such as Halifax and Ottawa. A keynote speaker at WORKTECH Toronto 2016, Potter believes flexible working can catalyse the cultural transformation of cities and companies – WORKshift has developed a ten-step process to support the move to more flexible practices

In this exclusive video interview for the Academy, David Potter explains how flexible working can mitigate the impact of infrastructural change in cities, which disrupts traffic and getting to work, and help with talent recruitment and retention. But cultural change, he warns, cannot just be about ‘real estate optimisation for the employer – there must be benefits for employees’.

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