Auto-advance: the impact of automation on the nature of work

Can automation help people get further in their career? George Zarkadakis of Willis Towers Watson suggests it could be the answer to accelerated career progression

Automation, artificial intelligence and augmented intelligence are often bagged in the same category and are often met with the same hostility and caution. This is because, unarguably, they represent a threat to human jobs in the future. However, this does not mean the end for human work altogether. As George Zarkadakis of insurance firm Willis Towers Watson and a keynote speaker at WORKTECH London 18 argues, we can leverage automation to advance further in our organisations.

In this exclusive interview with WORKTECH Academy, George Zarkadakis explains that the impact of automation will have a profound impact on the nature of work and on how we organise our businesses. But if organisations are open to this change, it will create flatter more permeable business structures which will make the company more resilient to change in the future.

Zarkadakis argues that automation will leave more opportunity for individuals to develop in their field and engage in more relevant projects which align with their skills. This will help them advance further and faster up the ranks.

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