Mind over matter: how to implement the right wellbeing strategy

From nutrition to sleep, Duncan Young of Lendlease describes the key to implementing an effective health and wellbeing strategy in the workplace

As companies start to realise the business implications of introducing health and wellbeing programs, Duncan Young of Lendlease explains that a successful wellness strategy cannot just come from the top.

In this video for Deloitte, Young outlines key drivers of successful wellbeing programs in the workplace, focusing on healthy minds, bodies places, and cultures.

Although the physical workplace plays a pivotal role in prompting wellbeing, it is the people and the culture that drive wellness.

Young explains that wellness programs are not a top down approach, it is the responsibility of everyone in the organisation to drive and support each other. So in order to have a well implemented wellness strategy employees need the right physical space, good nutritional food for healthy bodies, sleep to revitalise their minds, and importantly a supportive culture rooted in health and wellbeing.

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