Issues with air quality? Incoming innovation is set to reassure

Air quality is an increasing concern for individuals and companies alike but new products that look at putting people’s minds at ease are about to hit the market

Air quality is a major concern, with the WHO stating that 99 per cent of the world’s population currently breathe in air that is below recommended air quality levels. The World Economic Forum even asserts that 7 million people per year die prematurely due to high levels of air pollution.

For workers, the commute to the office can be a major contributor to their levels of exposure to air pollution with many employees travelling into more urban areas with higher levels of air pollution for work. The mode of transport you take will impact your level of exposure, and there are major issues with air quality within transport networks.

The Guardian has reported that levels of air pollution in the Paris Metro has prompted a lawsuit, with a charity taking transport company RATP to court over the extremely poor quality of air within the underground network. The Evening Standard has noted similar issues and risks associated with the London Underground, with experts advising people to walk, cycle or take other forms of transport where possible.

For commuters and people living in built-up urban areas, this is a major concern. But what can people do to protect themselves from poor air quality?

Well, Dyson may have the answer. Its new noise-cancelling headphones come complete with a face-mask contraption that can purify the air around you before you breathe it in. With a high level of noise cancellation, these headphones claim to offer a quality audio experience whilst tackling one of the biggest health issues associated with urban living.

No more will your commute cause health concerns when you can carry a purifier around with you. Retailing at around US $1000, these headphones are not yet a large-scale solution to the issue of air quality, but maybe they are a step in the right direction

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Echo Callaghan is an interdisciplinary researcher and writer with WORKTECH Academy. She holds degrees from the University of York and Trinity College Dublin.
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