How London’s 22 Bishopsgate is setting a new workspace agenda

London's newest tower wants occupiers in its ‘vertical village’ to think differently about office space – and it has commissioned five design teams to generate alternative ideas

How will companies leasing space in the City of London’s highest-profile new development, 22 Bishopsgate, approach the design and fit-out of their office environment? That question is front of mind as organisations everywhere reimagine what their workplace could become in the post-pandemic era.

To help occupiers explore a more creative approach, the team at 22 Bishopsgate led by Head of Leasing James Goldsmith commissioned five leading design firms to explore different ways in which firms fit out their office space. Collaborating with WORKTECH Academy director Jeremy Myerson and workplace design expert Despina Katsikakis, 22 Bishopsgate devised a different brief for each of the five studios, based on five ‘big themes’.

‘To help occupiers explore a more creative approach, five different design themes were explored…’

Jump Studios looked at the theme of ‘Omni Learning’; Ab Rogers Design explored ‘Natural Wellbeing’; Perkins and Will addressed ‘Radical Inclusion’; Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio examined ‘Creative Framing’; and Hart got to grips with the theme of ‘Smart, Green and Lean’.

This design research was documented in a series of Workplace Design Journals published in 2020 – these provide a rich source of design inspiration and are available in WORKTECH Academy’s Innovation Zone here.

Access to the Innovation Zone is for Global Partners, Community Members and Corporate Members only. Learn more here

Growing diversity in workforce

To learn more about the ‘big theme’ of Radical Inclusion, watch this video from the WORKTECH conference series in June 2020 – featuring James Goldsmith, Head of Leasing for 22 Bishopsgate, Mijail Gutierrez, Principal Design Director of global architects Perkins and Will, and Jeremy Myerson of WORKTECH Academy.

Radical inclusion encompasses a growing diversity in the workforce in terms of age, physical and cognitive ability, gender, culture and technological literacy, as people with varying backgrounds and attitudes share the same office space.

Mijail Gutierrez believes that many people are alienated by a conformist, process-driven environment when they really need a sense of belonging and a better experience that all can share. He explains: ‘So we asked the question – what is a workplace that is truly and radically inclusive? We found answers in personal choice, a series of activities and multi-generational collaboration.’

Access the 22 Bishopsgate Workplace Design Journal on Radical Inclusion here

The series of five Workplace Design Journals for 22 Bishopsgate were launched at WORKTECH’s Smart Buildings virtual conference held on 25 February 2021.
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