Low productivity and ill health? Blame your boss

Organisational culture and leadership skills need reassessing to manage employee wellbeing during a crisis, says leading psychologist Cary Cooper in an exclusive interview with WORKTECH Academy

As wellbeing looks set to play a growing role in the post-pandemic workplace, organisations are looking to their leaders to support employees on an emotional as well as a professional level. According to Professor Sir Cary Cooper, one of the world’s leading experts on wellbeing,  the biggest cause of ill health and low productivity at work is your boss.

In an interview with WORKTECH Academy, Cooper explained that leadership needs to engage with their employees on a more empathetic level and improve their level of emotional intelligence to manage the wellbeing deficit in most organisations. This reassessment of leadership skills signals a shift from the wellbeing solutions of the past – ping pong tables, beanbags, and a few office plants – and instead looks at the deeper issue of company culture and talent retention.

Emotional Intelligence or EQ is a real skill that not all leaders possess. Cooper believes that engaging with employees on an empathetic level is a ‘hard, important skill’ – not a ‘soft skill’ – that all organisations need to foster, particularly during this period of global crisis. He suggested that organisations need to start looking at wellbeing strategically – and he gave a few tips on where to start…

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