The men behind The Edge: drawing attention to a connected future

Martin Laws and David Sie have been key players in the development of The Edge, the Dutch office building that takes connectivity to a whole new level. They explain what all the fuss is about

The Edge in Amsterdam, home to Deloitte’s practice in the Netherlands, has become one of the highest profile office projects in the world – a magnet for property professionals everywhere who are interested in the next generation of smart buildings. Not only is The Edge one of the greenest buildings in the world, it is also the most connected with 28,000 sensors showing the potential for big data to influence in real-time how the facility is run. But who are the leading lights behind the project?

In this exclusive video interview with the WORKTECH Academy, Deloitte partner Martin Laws, who leads on the company’s initiative on the future of work, and David Sie, senior partner in a real estate consulting practice based in The Edge, explain the reasons why the building is currently attracting so much attention. Keynote speakers at WORKTECH London, they explain how The Edge breaks new ground – from the talent agenda to the paperless office.

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