Micro-mobility makeover: e-bikes set to simplify commuting

A rise in commuters hopping on electric bikes has given rise to innovations in the e-bike market that could potentially transform how we get to and from work

Commuting is a major issue in the modern workplace, with most research reports into why people are reluctant to return to the office citing long and unpleasant commutes as the factor most likely to prevent employees coming back.

But commuting patters have also changed, indicating a willingness on the behalf of employee to look at new and different options. Gensler’s City Pulse 2022: Urban Mobility report addresses how commuting patterns have been altered by the pandemic and illustrates a shift towards using e-bikes and scooters to get around the city during and after the pandemic.

This shift has been dramatic with e-bike sales growing by 190 per cent, bicycle sales increasing by 120 per cent, and e-scooter sales jumping by 61.2 per cent. This may have been motivated by the desire to protect individual health and avoid crammed trains and buses, but it does not appear to have waned post-pandemic with many commuters still taking to two wheels to get to work.

E-bikes get a makeover

And this increase in e-bike interest has led to a rise in innovation, with the competition to make the best commuter bike hotting up. The latest model to enter the fray is the Urtopia Chord , a sleek-looking e-bike with a whole host of gadgets to attract the city commuter.

With a built-in, voice-activated navigation system that can direct you to your desired location without fumbling for your phone, this high-tech bike could solve a lot of problems for regular city cyclists. The bike also boasts inbuilt Bluetooth speakers to keep you entertained on your ride to work and a fingerprint recognition pad which unlocks the bike for you – meaning no more heavy locks to carry around.

Could the high-tech bike be replacing the car as the mode of transport of choice for the urban commuter? Gensler’s report suggests that cars are still the dominant way people are choosing to get around, but with investment into bike lanes and ultra-low emission zones being rolled out across the world we might see a further rise in cyclists turning to the e-bike to get them where they need to go.

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Echo Callaghan is an interdisciplinary researcher and writer with WORKTECH Academy. She holds degrees from the University of York and Trinity College Dublin.
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