New trends in corporate learning and development for 2023

As companies step up the return to the office to support training and mentoring, new research from Quadmark explores key themes in corporate learning for the year ahead

One of the main reasons for bringing people back to the office is the impact on learning and development, which suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic. But what are the trends in learning that companies should be aware of in the year ahead?

New research by consultancy Quadmark looks at key directions in corporate learning for 2023. It predicts that the way that companies approach learning within their organisation will be important to retaining talent – having a culture of continuous learning will be a crucial element of workplace development.

Artificial intelligence as support

Another prediction from Quadmark is the rise of AI as a tool to facilitate and support learning. In particular, the research notes the use of AI in identifying people who are potentially struggling with the learning programme and therefore being able to offer pre-emptive support. But this will only function in a supportive culture where companies have taken the time to understand different learning styles and strategies. AI does not replace qualified teaching professionals.

Nudge theory

Quadmark also predicts that companies will have expanded their awareness around the role of nudge theory in encouraging people to complete learning and development courses, and therefore reduce the rate of drop off. Using small, automated messages to encourage employees to complete courses are an effective way at changing their behaviour.

Hybrid heaven

Companies need to embrace hybrid learning, but in order to do so they must think more deeply about what parts of their learning courses should be done in person and what can be done online.

Individual and quiet learning is perfect for conducting in the comfort of your own home whereas face-to-face learning in the office is more appropriate for activities that are more communal and can create a sense of atmosphere and enjoyment.

See the infographic here which summaries key trends. Read more about Quadmark’s insights into learning and development here.

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