Next generation workplace design will look familiar – and very different

AECOM’s chief workplace strategist Nicola Gillen is lead author of a new book on the future office, as she explains in an exclusive video interview with WORKTECH Academy

What kind of offices will we need in the future? Nicola Gillen, AECOM’s global practice lead for workplace strategy, sets out to answer this question in a new book, Future Office: Next Generation Workplace Design (RIBA Publishing 2019).

In this exclusive interview with WORKTECH Academy, Gillen reflects on the key themes of the book – from the circular economy and digital transformation to changing demographics and the blurring of industry sectors. A keynote speaker at recent WORKTECH events in London and Copenhagen, Gillen believes, as she states in the introduction of her book, ‘in many ways the workplace has come full circle over the past 300 years’.

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