Office return radar: what are the big employers planning this autumn?

September 2021 was flagged as the key moment to kickstart the return to the office, but corporate organisations are still struggling to put new plans in place. WORKTECH Academy has compiled a survey of strategic moves by large companies

After a stop-go summer of corporate announcements and rapid corrections, the ‘return to work’ season is finally upon us. From demanding all employees come back to the office full-time and fully vaccinated to more flexible approaches, large organisations have been jockeying for position in the new post-Covid-19 landscape of work.

As every firm in every sector searches for an answer to the riddle of hybrid working, WORKTECH Academy has compiled a survey of what corporate firms are doing in terms of  their return-to-work strategies.

‘Every firm in every sector is searching for an answer to the riddle of hybrid working…’

This survey is organised by sector so organisations can see what their peers and those outside their immediate industry are doing to bring employees back to the office.

Which bank is giving its new recruits a 30 per cent pay rise in return for full-time office attendance? Which tech giant has said all its employees can work from home ‘forever’? And which law firm is demanding a minimum 60 per cent attendance every week in 50 locations around the world?

To stay up to date with what your competitors are proposing for their return-to-work strategies, view the full survey in our Innovation Zone within the Research & Insight section.

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