Puzzle of Wellbeing: putting the post Covid-19 pieces together

Workplace wellbeing is clearly understood at the personal employee level, but less so when it comes to translating policies into company performance. A new report from 360 Workplace sets out to crack the code

Workplace wellbeing has taken on a whole new meaning in the coronavirus pandemic. After Covid-19 convulsed the world of work, sending millions of workers to shelter at home and opening a vigorous debate about the future purpose of the office, companies are now trying to pick of the pieces and devise new wellbeing strategies for the hybrid landscape of work that is emerging.

According to a new report from consultants 360 Workplace, part of Fourfront Group, this is no easy task. While there is a clear understanding of workplace wellbeing at a personal level, encompassing such things as happiness, job satisfaction, freedom from anxiety and feeling worthwhile, there is far less consensus about what this means at the organisational level and why wellbeing is so important to company performance.

‘There is far less consensus about what wellbeing means at the organisational level…’

In this context, companies often struggle to find the right balance of organisational amenities and policies to address employee wellbeing. There can also be a mismatch between how business leaders think things are going and how their people feel they are being treated, especially in the pandemic.

The report, The Puzzle of Wellbeing: Where Next for Workplace Wellbeing Post Covid-19?,  looks at workplace wellbeing before, during and in the aftermath of Covid-19. It was compiled in partnership with WORKTECH Academy and is based on interviews and workshops with an international panel of experts drawn from the fields of  neuroscience, positive psychology, ergonomics, employee engagement, mindfulness and built environment research.

Accent on digital wellbeing

The report explores how a corporate focus on investing in real-estate wellbeing assets such as high-end gyms or wellness spas before the pandemic will come under closer scrutiny in the aftermath of Covid-19, with less place-based solutions and greater emphasis on co-creating people-centred services with the workforce. There will be a retreat from densification of office space and a growing accent on digital wellbeing.

Empathic leadership, targeted design interventions, new models of communication and a rethink on working hours could also be part of the future of workplace wellbeing.

The Puzzle of Wellbeing report is the latest in a series looking at the relationship between workplace design and productivity, initiated by Fourfront Group and WORKTECH Academy in 2018. Previous publications have looked at the key factors that contribute to company performance and at how design can support different leadership styles.

The new wellbeing report is available to download here.

For in-depth coverage of the Workplace 360 report, The Puzzle of Wellbeing: Where Next for Workplace Wellbeing Post Covid-19?, please go to our Innovation Zone
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