Great places to work: how America is primed in the race for talent

Creating the right employee experiences to stay head of the competition depends on designing with key principles in mind, according to a new report from Aramark with WORKTECH Academy

Who is winning in the global race for talent? What innovations are they using to stay ahead in terms of workplace experience? And what is the impact on leading organisations? These are the central questions in a new report from Aramark on how to attract and retain the best and brightest talent, which was launched at WORKTECH San Francisco conference on 29 October 2019.

American food service and facilities giant Aramark partnered with WORKTECH Academy to devote a special issue of its journal, Industry Insights, to the subject of workplace experience. This is explored from a range of angles – from demographic profiles and employee investment strategies to connected campuses and cities.

Three sectors dominate

At the core of the report is an analysis of the Top 10 Places to Work 2019 listings from LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Fortune magazine. Three specific sectors dominate the rankings, accounting for nearly half of the companies listed: first, technology, software and social media; second, customer-facing firms in retail, hospitality and aviation; and third, legal, consulting and professional services.

The report explains why these industries have blazed a trail in workplace experience, leaving other sectors trailing in their wake. The tech sector, for example, thrives on the competition for talent and the race to innovate. It is part of its lifeblood. As entire industries are disrupted by digital newcomers, the rewards are huge if the right talent can be assembled in the right place at the right time – and given the optimum experience.

‘Extending choice and convenience to employees…’

Customer-service firms are also high performers. Organisations that work on creating a great customer experience every day – whether in retailing, hotels or airlines – have the tools to do the same for their own employees. Giving your own people the choice, convenience and high standards of service you offer your customers is a first step to creating a great workplace experience.

The presence of so many legal, consulting and professional service firms in the top places to work listings is explained by being in a highly competitive sector and understanding the enormous demands that are placed on their client-facing employees. There is the constant threat of top performers being poached by rival firms; also, a need to alleviate the worst impacts of workplace stress and to offer a higher sense of purpose, so the job is not just about the pay cheque. For these reasons, organisations in this sector are paying closer attention to workplace experience than ever before so that their people feel valued.

Core principles of experience

Seven companies made it into all three Top 10 Places to Work 2019 listings: Salesforce, SAP America, Cisco Systems, Deloitte, Goldman Sachs, and EY. Generally, winning workplace experience strategies are based around seven core principles: comfort everywhere; health and wellbeing; fostering social communities; purpose and identity; customised food and drink; bringing the outdoors in; and diversity as a source of pride.

According to Simon Elliot, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Aramark, ‘With business needing to fill crucial new roles, the war for talent has become the new reality. This report provides insights in the different types of employee demographics, discusses what makes a great place to work, and shows how companies are successfully navigating the new workplace landscape.’

Access Aramark’s Industry Insights: Workplace Experience report here.

WORKTECH San Francisco 2019 was held at Mission Bay Conference Centre on 29 October 2019.
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