Say the word: gearing up for 2021 lexicon of work

With new ways of working comes a new workplace dialogue. WORKTECH Academy gathers some of the key buzzwords for the new year


While Work from Home was the buzzword of 2020, Working from Anywhere will take its place in the corporate dictionary in 2021. As people start to move beyond their homes to ‘anywhere’ locations, WFA will become the new normal in 2021.

New Normal

Speaking of the new normal, this buzzword entered most people’s vocabulary during 2020. In 2021, the phrase will gather more momentum as ‘the new normal’ becomes a reality and people settle into their new routines.


This word will be increasingly used throughout 2021 as employees start managing their own time more. Asynchronous means doing something at a time that best suits you and your work schedule, rather than in tandem with others.


This refers to the fatigue one feels after a constant string of virtual calls. As both work and social life continues plod on via the medium of video conferencing, we may find that 2021 turns us all into Zoombies.

Digital Wall

This is the barrier between us and our work colleagues which can impede good team communications. Remote working can mean delayed response times, technical glitches and lack of shared context. Breaking down the wall is tough.

Hybrid working

The future of work is ‘hybrid’, or so we keep hearing. But what does it mean? Hybrid working simply involves a workforce that is split between working remotely and working in the office, allowing employees the choice and autonomy over where they would like to work.


A phrase that everyone would like to become a reality in 2021, this refers to new ways of work and life once Covid-19 is no longer a fatal threat. In the workplace, many designers and architects will create visions for a post-pandemic office in 2021.

Localised working

As people are restricted to a small radius around their homes, they travel less into central business districts and instead utilise spaces in their local area to work from. As a result, developers are looking at the five-minute city concept where everything a person needs in their daily life should be reachable with a five-minute walk from a public transport stop.


At a bleak time beset with by constant public health emergencies and political fallouts, this practice refers to scrolling through your smartphone for the latest dose of bad news.

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