Redefining smart: the transformation to responsive office buildings

From cognitive buildings to smart precincts, this year’s Smart Buildings conference will showcase the latest research, case studies and technologies in smart buildings from around the world

As employee experience and wellbeing begin to dominate the workplace, there is a call to redefine smart buildings from sensor-led facilities to human-led, responsive buildings. The Smart Buildings 2018 conference, hosted at UBS’s tech-fuelled smart building at 5 Broadgate in London, will explore the future of smart buildings from many angles on 9 May – from AI and autonomous vehicle to data-driven design.

At a time when the technological landscape is not allowing the workforce to perform at its optimum level, Dr Claire Penny of IBM Watson will explore how responsive buildings can create better, more fun experiences for employees. 5 Broadgate is held as a testament to that; Asley Davis of UBS will explain how the building has incorporated next generation technologies to create an entirely new way of working for employees.

‘Essential building blocks of smart cities…’

Jeremy Myerson of WORKTECH Academy will depart from the single smart building and look at the emergence of smart precincts. With reference to a recent report produced by Australian developer Mirvac with WORKTECH Academy, Myerson will explore new thinking around the development of smart precincts to form the essential building blocks of smart cities.

The conference will see innovative perspectives from Zaha Hadid Architects and Accenture, showcasing the value of gathering data through sensors to produce evidence-led design outcomes. Smart is being defined not only by emerging technology, but also by our interpretation of the data it delivers to produce tangible, human-led results.

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