The future visitor experience: making face-to-face count

Unlike many employees, visitors are increasingly eager to return to the workplace for meetings. How can technology help to create a more seamless and memorable experience?

In contrast to a sluggish return to the office by many employees, there is growing eagerness by clients, customers and prospective hires to hold face-to-face meetings in the workplace. But companies still have work to do to meet rising expectations in terms of creating the right visitor experience.

That’s the verdict of a new report from enterprise software company Envoy, entitled The Future of The Visitor Experience. It is produced in partnership with WORKTECH Academy and is the first in a series of Envoy ‘In View’ papers looking at different aspects of the changing workplace.

According to data from Envoy’s own technology, visitor traffic in offices increased by 84 per cent between 2021 and 2022, and it has continued to grow in 2022 by a further 43 per cent. But organisations face significant challenges to improve the visitor experience in offices.

The next steps to take

The report explores emerging trends and outlines the next steps that companies should take. These include paying more attention to health and wellbeing beyond minimum safety standards, building a more personal relationship with pre-registering visitors, upgrading visitor amenities, creating an authentic connection with company values and brand, and ensuring that visitors feel part of the workplace community despite the relative shortness of their stay.

‘Ensuring that visitors feel part of the workplace community…’

Making first impressions count, managing an unpredictable flow of people into the office and leveraging the benefits of face-to-face interaction are among the key challenges that organisations must face in the hybrid era.

The report then goes on to the explore the technologies and processes that can enhance and streamline the visitor experience, including case studies using the Envoy platform. Access the full report, ‘The Future of The Visitor Experience’, here.

Envoy is a Community Member of WORKTECH Academy.
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