Toronto tunes into a human-centred approach to workplace

As Canada considers how a host of sophisticated new technologies might reshape its offices and cities, this autumn’s WORKTECH Toronto conference will concentrate on putting people back at the forefront

Technology and the Internet of Things are set to play such a powerful role in changing how and where people work, one key dimension can easily be overlooked – the human one. The WORKTECH Toronto 2018 conference, scheduled for at Deloitte House on 6 November, will look at how to approach the high-tech future of work through a human-centric lens.

The conference will open with Cathy French of the Royal Bank of Canada, who will address the cultural impact of imposing new technologies onto the workforce. She explores how technology can be used as a tool to create great workplace experience for employees.

This approach is largely supported by other speakers at the conference, including Sonya Dufner of Gensler and Marie Schneegans of Workwell. Together they will discuss learnings from their respective workplaces and at how technology and design can create a more human approach. Gale Moutrey of Steelcase and Jordan Sheridan of Microsoft will look at the intersection between people, place and technology.

‘Places with soul start with people…’

Engagement and people-led design extends beyond the workplace. Max Oglesbee of Intersection and Ken Greenberg of Greenburg Consultants will explore how technology is reshaping the city and how people are responding to this change. Urban quarters are becoming increasingly connected through IoT, big data and sensors but these high-tech networks are not indicative of a successful city – places with soul start with the people.

WORKTECH Toronto will throw away the standard checklists for workplace design and instead investigate how emerging technologies can humanise – not alienate – the workforce of the future. The conference will be preceded by a one-day masterclass, held at lawyers McCarthy Tetrault on 5 November 2018.

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