Unbuilt Frank Lloyd Wright projects brought back to life

In this WORKTECH Academy Briefing, we look at how unrealised Frank Lloyd Wright projects have been digitally remastered and what a new report proposes for the revival of US cities after the pandemic

Frank Lloyd Wright holds a special place in the pantheon of architectural greats that shaped the design of the modern of office in the early 20th century. His influence extended from the Larkin Building of 1904 to the Johnson Wax Headquarters in Racine, Wisconsin, built 1936-39. He also created spectacular homes, such as Fallingwater (1935), as well as ground-breaking office buildings.

But for all his genius and the acclaim that surrounded him, more than half of Frank Lloyd Wright’s  blueprints stayed on paper and were never built – that’s a total of 660 projects. Now, however, three of his most interesting unrealised residential schemes have been brought to life in a series of 3D virtual renderings that you can tour.

Home specialist Angi worked with NeoMam Studios to digitally reconstruct Frank Lloyd Wright’s original architectural drawings, breathing new life into a modern master’s work using digital technology and giving a tangible sense of what these structures would have looked like if realised.

A Cottage Studio designed for novelist Ayn Rand in Connecticut in 1946 is the most intriguing and singular of the three reconstructions. Rand was famous at the time for The Fountainhead (1943), a novel about an intransigent architect who battles against conventional standards. She wrote to Frank Lloyd Wright on seeing the plans: ‘The house you designed for me is magnificent. I gasped when I saw it. It is the particular kind of sculpture in space which I love and which nobody but you has ever been able to achieve.’

The other digitally remastered projects are Mrs David Devin House (Chicago, 1896), an early experiment at creating unique ornamental features within the design, and Lake Tahoe Lodge (1923). Check out Angi’s 3D renderings here.

Reviving American cities

As American cities try to bounce back from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, a major new policy report from the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and the Center for Community Progress says that there’s a lot of work to do to revive key US economic centres in a way which enables companies and communities to thrive.

But too often cities face stiff headwinds from state laws and policies that hinder their efforts to build healthy neighbourhoods, provide high-quality public services, and foster vibrant, inclusive economies. The relationship and alignment between local city policymakers and their state equivalents is identified in the report as a critical component in revitalising US cities. Read the full report here.

The World of Work in 2022

How will work and workplace pan out in 2022 as a hybrid model of working life begins to take shape? One place to check out the trends for the year ahead is WORKTECH Academy’s new report, The World of Work in 2022.

WORKTECH Academy Director Jeremy Myerson, who edited the report, explains: ‘What we learnt in compiling trends for the year ahead is that the future of work will determined by a complex interplay of people, place and technology, with co-dependence and integration between different factors a growing aspect.’

He adds: ‘While data analytics, the metaverse and the human body as a tech interface will have a likely impact in 2022, factors related to people and place such as community amenities, human-centric design, sustainable strategies, office as brand and learning and mentoring support will also exert a strong influence.’

The World of Work in 2022, compiled with WORKTECH Academy’s Global Partners, is available only for Corporate and Community Members of the Academy. Join here.

Join us at 22 Bishopsgate

Check out our WORKTECH events calendar for 2022 to engage in the big conversation on the future of work and workplace.

SMARTBUILDINGS22 London takes place on Wednesday 9 March at 22 Bishopsgate in the City of London. It will showcase the different facets of this spectacular new development, and explore key global trends and smart technologies that are transformational for real estate and workplace leaders.

Sir Stuart Lipton, a pioneer in the property industry, co-founder of Stanhope and a partner at Lipton Rogers Developments, will open the event. He and Despina Katsikakis of Cushman & Wakefield will share the original vision for 22 Bishopsgate, and how this landmark building reflects a broader vision of development as a force for social good. James Goldsmith, Head of Leasing at AXA Property Management will discuss the building’s design process, exploring how health, wellbeing and community are at the heart of the development. Book your place here.

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