What’s on the cards for 2023? Top 20 trends explored

A surge in data analytics in a more scientific workplace is just one of 20 key ideas discussed in a new WORKTECH Academy report, The World of Work in 2023

A new report from WORKTECH Academy, ‘The World of Work in 2023’, predicts that this could be the year that data-led decision-making in the workplace really breaks through, leading to a more scientific approach that we might term the ‘Science of Work’.

Data analysis and measurement, or telemetry, has been on the rise for some time. But what will swing the balance this year is the growing recognition by company leaders that we’re on the brink of a great opportunity – a much smarter workplace capable of providing constant data flows that can inform evidence-based decision-making on everything, from HR policies and wellbeing to organisational structure and office redesign.

More organisations this year will embrace the data analytics, spatial intelligence and sociometric technologies that can give insights into performance and behaviour in the workplace, as sensors and cameras – both of which are proliferating in offices – capture every move.

‘Publication of the report marks the 20th anniversary of the WORKTECH event series’

‘The Science of Work’ is just one of 20 key ideas captured in ‘The World of Work 2023’, which has been produced by WORKTECH Academy with its Global Partners, Adrianse, Area, Condeco, ERA-co and Unwork. Publication of the report marks the 20th anniversary of the WORKTECH event series, which was established in London in 2003 with an inaugural conference at the British Library.

Ever since WORKTECH first emerged 20 years ago as a platform for knowledge exchange and debate, the WORKTECH Events series and the WORKTECH Academy network have sought to look at the future of work through an integrated perspective of people, place and technology.

This report maintains that ethos. It presents a mix of established, emergent and experiment ideas in the spheres of HR policy (from the four-day week to workations and job-title inflation), place-making factors (from the office as off-site to vertical gardening and mixed-up use) and new technologies (from AI chatbots to robots and audio-visual innovations).

Read WORKTECH Academy’s full World of Work in 2023 report here.

For more in-depth discussion of the report, go to our Innovation Zone here.

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