WORKTECH event series on future of work celebrates 20-year milestone

Launched at the British Library in 2003, the WORKTECH conference has reached more than 40 cities after two decades of inspiration and expansion

The WORKTECH conference series has reached a significant milestone this year with the 20th anniversary of the first WORKTECH event, which was held at the British Library in London in 2003.

Founded by Philip Ross and Jeremy Myerson to create a forum on the future of work based around the three pillars of people, place and technology, WORKTECH has expanded over two decades to more than 40 cities around the world.

An estimated 30,000 delegates have attended more than over 240 global events as well has numerous workplace tours, roundtable discussions and briefings.

Cutting-edge ideas

WORKTECH has welcomed thought leaders and workplace innovators across a wide range of industries to share cutting-edge ideas and discuss new perspective on the way we work. Speakers have included authors, academics and business leaders from the worlds of corporate real estate, architecture, design, management, human resources and technology.

‘The event series has hosted some of world’s most influential thinkers and designers…’

The event series has hosted some of world’s most influential thinkers and designers, from Charles Handy to Edward de Bono and Richard Rogers, alongside radical visionaries such as Douglas Terrier, Chief Technologist at NASA, and Julia Hobsbawm, Bloomberg columnist and author of The Nowhere Office.

In a post-pandemic world, people place, and technology take on a new meaning. So, inspiring new content at WORKTECH in 2023 will include topics such as:

  • Hybrid work
  • Returning to the office
  • Working in the metaverse
  • Workplace wellbeing
  • Emerging technology
  • Office design
  • Culture and management style

WORKTECH founder and Ungroup CEO Philip Ross comments: ‘After 20 years of growth and development, we look forward to continuing to bring together forward-thinking industry professionals from Fortune 500 companies to share their ideas, insights and inspiration with the workplace community.’

Find out about upcoming WORKTECH events in 2023 here.

Dynamic dialogue

In 2016, WORKTECH launched a digital content platform and membership club, WORKTECH Academy, to analyse content from the events and provide a dynamic network for dialogue between the workplace industry and academia.

WORKTECH Academy director Jeremy Myerson adds: ‘At a time when the future of work has never been more uncertain and exciting, the requirement for the latest knowledge, research and cases studies has never been more urgent. WORKTECH has a key role to play over the next two decades.’

A WORKTECH programme of events and articles around the theme of ‘20’ is planned for 2023, starting with the report ‘The World of Work in 2023: 20 key themes for the year ahead’. Access the report here.

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