WORKTECH Guides: the Who’s Who of workplace technology

The workplace technology market offers a wide spectrum of innovations and solutions, but how can organisations decide what’s best for them? A new series of WORKTECH Guides surveys the technology market across five critical areas, listing the key players

As organisations plan their pathway out of the pandemic, many are looking to smart workplace technology as part of the journey. The workplace technology market, as a result, has expanded with a raft of new innovations and solutions. How can facilities management and corporate real estate teams sift through the vendors and make the right decisions for their organisation?

The WORKTECH Guide series provide a definitive starting point for key decision-makers to start their digital journey. The guides provide a ‘Who’s Who’ in workplace technology by listing the most innovative, best-in-class vendors and solutions within five critical areas of the smart workplace: Utilisation Technology, Resource Management, Visitor Management, Workplace Apps, and Workplace Innovation.

The research for the reports use a variety of different methods, from issuing extensive questionnaires to key market-leading vendors to surveying the research and literature to identify the critical areas of change and demand. Each report includes an executive summary, industry analysis and detailed surveys of numerous vendors within specific technology markets.

The reports are included within WORKTECH Academy membership packages, or can be purchased here.

Utilisation Technology

WORKTECH GuidesReal estate professionals are becoming increasingly conscious of how underutilised and wasted space are causes of significant cost inefficiencies, while for team leaders, low levels of utilisation often indicate a static, uncollaborative office environment. With business leaders more eager than ever to maximise the amount of operational data available, the market for utilisation technology is expanding rapidly; major technology providers are diversifying their product offering to cater for the demand and new entrants are introducing intuitive new technologies and methods to better track workplace occupancy and utilisation.

The WORKTECH Guide to Utilisation Technology is designed as a tool for workplace strategists and real estate decision makers to help navigate the burgeoning industry, taking the guesswork out of the procurement process by profiling the best-in-class solutions of leading and emerging players. Each of the 30 vendor profiles cover a range of important characteristics, highlighting factors such as the type of technology, powering and fitting of hardware, type of installation, the analytics platform and the pricing structure of the solution.

Resource Management

WORKTECH GuidesThis report profiles 26 different vendors of meeting room booking software. It was compiled from detailed primary research involving surveys, research calls and extended interviews with both representatives of the companies surveyed and their customers. We recognise that property professionals faced with an increasing number of responsibilities, projects and challenges rarely have the time to truly get to grips with all the different workplace solutions they’re tasked with selecting.

In the profiles contained in this report, we have highlighted the strengths, weaknesses and competitive differentiators of every major solution on the market today. For those new into the meeting room booking software industry, we have begun this report with some reflections on key trends and potential futures. Like many other technology areas, this is a fast-developing space, and our intention is to regularly update this report.

Visitor Management Technology

WORKTECH GuidesAs part of the recent drive to take workplace experience into the 21st century, innovative new technology is opening up the potential for organisations to entirely reimagine their approach to visitor management. Ensuring guest safety and comfort has never been more pertinent, and this is especially true for those whose business relies on forming meaningful customer relationships; the initial moment a client, investor or collaborator enters the office can be definitive in determining their overall perception of the business. People should know as soon as they walk into the reception area who your company is, why they want to work with you, and most critically in the current climate, that the environment they are in is safe.

The purpose of this guide is to examine several of the most successful systems in critical detail in order to help inform decisions on how best to unlock the potential of excellent visitor management. It does this by first examining statistics around visitor experience and branding, and then segueing into comprehensive vendor profiles of each system selected.

Workplace Apps

WORKTECH GuidesMobile apps have entirely transformed the nature of our relationships; interactions with other people, the urban realm, service suppliers and commerce providers have altered dramatically over the last two decades. Today we find that most often the simplest and most intuitive way to communicate, learn, purchase, locate, share and play is through an app, accessible in seconds and at the touch of a button.

For businesses looking to reap the rich rewards of adopting a workplace app, there are a number of key strategic decisions to make. The WORKTECH Guide to Workplace Apps will help streamline this process, outlining the core functions and unique characteristics in profiles of 15 of the leading players in the market today.

Workplace Innovation Technology

WORKTECH GuidesIn an increasingly competitive business world, staying up to date with the latest trends and best practice has never been more important. But merely keeping pace is the minimum that companies need to do to remain truly relevant, attractive to top talent and ultimately, profitable. The most successful companies are those that are consistently innovative; constantly finding new ways to solve old challenges and looking at how to improve what they do. For these companies, perfection is never an end state, but a constant journey.

The WORKTECH Guide to Workplace Innovation is intended to steer companies towards some of the most innovative technologies that will play an important part in the future of work and workplace. It includes detailed descriptions, company information and technical data of over 40 vendors focusing on the most significant workplace innovations spanning everything from robots and intelligent mail to biophilia and wellness, providing the knowledge you need to futureproof your workplace.

The WORKTECH Guides are free for all WORKTECH Academy members. If you are not a member you can purchase the reports here, or join our community here.
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