Wheel of change: shifting scenes for The World of Work in 2020

What are the big issues and emerging themes for the year ahead? A new publication from the Global Partners of WORKTECH Academy spins through the scenarios

What’s in store for the future of work in 2020 and beyond? The World of Work in 2020, a new report from WORKTECH Academy developed in partnership with its six Global Partners, sets out the shifting landscape for a momentous year ahead.

Where are the world’s top companies taking workplace experience in the race for talent? Why are designers eyeing up the techniques of stage and scenography for office interiors? Will open plan workspace mount a fightback? What should workplaces do to address an age of anxiety? And how can organisations be digital predators and not digital prey?

These are just some of the questions addressed in the report which identifies and analyses some big shifts right across the spectrum of concepts and disciplines that shape the contemporary workplace.

The publication, designed by BVN Architecture, touches on ten of the current challenges facing organisations everywhere. Contributions are tied together by a Colour Wheel of Change: this starts with issues around people (experience, mental health and leadership), moves through aspects of place (including urbanism and sustainability), and concludes with a look at three of the most important trends in technology (such as the rise of the digital twin in facilities management).

WORKTECH Academy Global partners Aramark, BVN Architects, Condeco, Fourfront Group, Haworth and Unwork contributed to The World of Work in 2020.

WORKTECH Academy Director Jeremy Myerson, who edited the report, explains: ‘We’re not claiming to be comprehensive in our analysis, but by studying interesting developments from across the global WORKTECH network with our partners, we think we’ve highlighted some emerging shifts and shockwaves that will mean another year of change for everyone in the workplace industry.’

The World of Work in 2020 report can be accessed here.