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WORKTECH Academy is the world’s leading online knowledge platform and member network exploring the future of work and workplace.

We share the latest insights, research, case studies and expert interviews with our global community of high-level professionals, drawing on WORKTECH’s worldwide network to harvest the newest knowledge and ideas in six key areas: People, Place, Culture, Design, Technology & Innovation.

WORKTECH Academy was co-founded in 2016 by Philip Ross and Jeremy Myerson. It showcases best corporate practice, academic research, thought leadership, business tools and industry trends. We combine an interactive online resource platform with our live global events, networking and co-creation opportunities.

We provide a community where designers, corporate end users, solution providers and academics can share perspectives and prepare for how we’ll work tomorrow.

Global Partners, Corporate and Community Members of the Academy have exclusive access to this rich source of competitive advantage at a time when there’s never been more need for clarity.

In a rapidly changing world where investment decisions require hard evidence, WORKTECH Academy provides the practical tools that shape the future of work and workplace.

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Our Team

Jeremy Myerson, Director
An academic researcher, author and activist in workplace design and innovation, Jeremy holds the Helen Hamlyn Chair of Design at the Royal College of Art and is a Visiting Fellow at the University of Oxford. Jeremy has published several influential books on workplace design and he sits on the international advisory boards of design institutes in South Korea, Switzerland and Hong Kong. Named by Wired magazine as one of Britain’s 100 most influential people in digital technology, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Royal College of Art in 2016 for his work in design research.
Philip Ross, Chairman
A futurist, author and consultant on the future of work, Philip is Founder and CEO of UnGroup and Cordless Group, comprising Unwired,, Cordless Consultants and Cordless Resourcing. He has worked with organisations such as Ernst & Young, Allen & Overy, GlaxoSmithKline, Cisco, McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group and PWC on future concepts for work and the workplace. Philip has spoken at major conferences around the world and is the co-author (with Jeremy Myerson) of The Creative Office, The 21st Century Office and Space to Work.
Matthew Myerson, Development Director
Mathew is a senior marketing and communications professional in the property industry. He joined WORKTECH Academy from Blackstone Property Management where he led the marketing team at Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work. Prior to working at Chiswick Park, Matthew worked for several leading design agencies in account management and strategy, including Wordsearch, Sectorlight, Small Back Room and Fitch. His clients included The Crown Estate, Stanhope, Grosvenor Estates, Ballymore, Battersea Power Station, Adidas and Red Bull. Matthew has a BA in History of Art from the University of Leeds and CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) qualifications.
Kasia Maynard, Content Editor
Trained as a multimedia journalist with the Press Association, Kasia holds an undergraduate degree in Archaeology and earned a Distinction in a Master’s degree in Urban Design and Planning from the University of Sheffield. She specialises in studying urban form and the impact cities have on the future of work and workplace. She has chaired events on the future of work and curates the content strategy for WORKTECH Academy, as well as supporting members with research projects and editorial.
Imogen Privett, Senior Research Associate
Imogen is an architectural designer and researcher, holding undergraduate degrees in both History and Architecture and a Master’s degree in Architecture. She has recently concluded a PhD at the Royal College of Art, exploring the effects of coworking on workplace design practice. Prior to this, Imogen worked in architectural practice focusing on workplace design with projects including UK headquarters for Barclays, Macquarie Bank and Reuters.
Echo Callaghan, Writer / Researcher
Echo Callaghan is an interdisciplinary researcher, holding a degree in English Literature and an MPhil in Identities and Cultures of Europe she is interested in the rapid social changes we are currently witnessing, brought about by climate change, the pandemic and the emergence of new technologies and their resulting impact on behaviour and culture. Having previously worked in the third sector as a policy and research officer, she has experience writing about sustainability and emerging technologies, as well as working alongside big names in the technology and policy industries, such as the Alan Turing Institute. She is also a member of the UK Youth Climate Council and in her spare time works to help support communities damaged by the effects of climate change.