Size matters: large firms lag behind in getting employees back to the office

Our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at the most recent evidence on hybrid working including a New York study which shows the giant firms struggling the most to bring people back to the workplace

Creating inclusive cities: share your ideas on new work practice

If you’ve got new workplace research, projects or policies to share that can make our cities more inclusive, then the Healthy City Design International Congress 2022 wants to hear from you

To return, or not to return? That is not the question

In the aftermath of the pandemic, should teams come back to the office? Should real estate footprints be reduced to save money? Organisations are weighing up productivity gains against employee wellbeing and company culture

A unified work approach to create seamless office experiences

Great workplace experience has become the new bargaining chip for employees to return to the office. A new report explores how better workplace experience can be achieved and measured through one unified approach

Guide to calculating the space you’re really going to need

As we enter the hybrid era, using headcount and standards to calculate requirements for office space does not provide a holistic insight into workplace culture, morale, productivity and wellbeing. Could there be a better process?

office metrics

Isn’t it time to rethink office space valuation metrics?

As hybrid working changes the fundamental purpose of the office, a new report from Australian developer Mirvac challenges the standard efficiency-led measures that currently determine office rents

Liberated Work

Liberated Work: where does the corporate workplace go next?

As hybrid working widens the scope of where people can work, a new Australian report explores what the fate of the corporate office might be and how that fits into expectations of flexible working

Why is London lagging behind in recovering from the pandemic?

As UK cities start to recover after the pandemic, one major  urban centre – London – is still behind the rest of the pack in terms of spend and footfall, according to the latest data from Centre for Cities