Want to shift your culture? Workplace design can be a lever

A new Australian study confirms the findings of previous academic research – organisational culture is not fixed and can be adapted using the symbols and artefacts of workplace design

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The latest episode of the Unworking podcast shines a light on how DLA Piper is building a culture of radical change in a profession that isn’t known for its rapid evolution

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As the pendulum swings back to in-office working, what are the people-centred policies and incentives that are achieving success? A new report from MRI sets out some key strategies

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Will landmark legal case tilt balance toward a return to the office?

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Our work and food systems are creating a generation of overweight workers with damaging implications for UK health and productivity, according to a new report

Unworking conference looks at how to elevate employee experience

Improving staff wellbeing starts with creating a brain-friendly environment, says Sean Tolram of HSBC, one of a number of expert speakers at WORKTECH’s Unworking conference in London

New social performance phase launched for Fitwel certification scheme

Healthy building certification platform Fitwel has launched phase two of its assessment solution that quantifies social performance of buildings