Survey launch: have your say on the state of hybrid

As companies implement new hybrid working policies this autumn, WORKTECH Academy is launching a major ‘State of Hybrid’ survey to explore how things are shaping up – please take part

Return to office: from free coffee to job threats

Our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at the demise of the office perk for workplace returners, a new sustainable office tower in Adelaide, and our upcoming conference on wellbeing

Why strong leadership defines hybrid success – not technology

It is becoming clear that technology alone cannot create healthy hybrid working environments, leadership can play a critical role in making new ways of working a success

The age of experiment: why hybrid work strategies need to evolve

Companies instituting strict hybrid work polices have been facing backlash from employees who feel their needs aren’t being met. Leaders need to experiment, learn and evolve their policies to bridge this gap

Why sustainability needs to take top priority in business

In recent years ESG initiatives have been creeping up the list of priorities, but the pace of change is not happening quickly enough which could have a damaging impact on profit and staff retention

The rise of quiet quitting: from pandemic to epidemic

This WORKTECH Wednesday briefing looks at the growing phenomenon of the ‘quiet quitter’. Why has it become such a trending topic and what are the implications for employers?

How can culture play a decisive role in the return to office?

As companies struggle to bring people back to the workplace, the latest paper in Poly’s research series on hybrid working suggests that the issue has less to do with technical infrastructure than cultural fit

Dog days: will pet-friendly offices be the new normal?

With a drastic increase in the number of pet owners during lockdown, many employers are re-evaluating their pet policies in order to tempt younger workers back to the office