The Slow Office: a new anti-striving approach after the pandemic?

Covid-19 has challenged, critiqued and disrupted everything we know about the world of work. But this is only the beginning of the conversation according to a new report from Morey Smith

If you can’t find the right building, print it instead

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Only connect: the evolution of the networked office

As organisations future-gaze to the next era of the workplace, this first instalment of three in a series on the networked office looks at the evolution of workplace design and how a holistic approach can build future resilience

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Why designing the resilient city is a complex task

The coronavirus pandemic has put pressure on both urban and workplace planners to build more resilience into the system. The Healthy City Design International Congress 2020 will explore pathways out of crisis

new york illustration

Ghost towns: the urban centres hit hardest by Covid-19

Our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at the future of city centres – from those suffering a serious slump in trade to urban districts seeking a more walkable environment

Design for innovation: the changing life science workplace

As all eyes look to the life science industry to find a silver bullet solution to end the pandemic, there is more pressure than ever to create collaborative workspaces for researchers in the sector. A new report by Genentech explores future scenarios

Safe and sociable: a blueprint for the future financial workplace

This WORKTECH briefing looks at an innovative Italian office design concept for financial companies which combines safety measures in the pandemic with the need to foster creativity