Insights into how Apple’s design team crafts the future

In our final WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing of 2021, we look inside the notoriously secretive design studio at Apple Park in California, and showcase how Sweden is pushing the frontiers of sustainable office space

Against the grain: the best architecture still to be competed

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Great Dane: Copenhagen’s largest wooden commercial building

Danish architect Henning Larsen has unveiled a giant timber construction that embeds carbon instead of emitting it. Is this the start of a new sustainability trend to wooden offices?

Rhyme and reason: ten things to never forget about workplace design

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Destination unknown: the continuing evolution of the ‘new normal’

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How the high-profile skyscraper flourished after 9/11

The attack on the Twin Towers 20 years ago did not lead to the demise of tall buildings. Instead, skyscraper construction is booming. Several trends now shape the rise of the ‘supertall'

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This WORKTECH Briefing looks at life after plastic partitions, returning to the office to focus, and disruptive design principles for new workplace thinking