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UnWork is a management consultancy and research house focused on the future of work, and the collision between people, property and technology. is a management consultancy that is focused on the new world of work.

It provides specialist advice to companies to catalyse innovation and develop the ideas and concepts for new ways of working backed by robust data sets and an evidence-based approach that includes business case and cost-benefit analysis.

It has unsurpassed global knowledge of key trends and case studies of all the leading edge global workplaces and provides ‘opportunities for innovation’ consultancy with a focus on people, place and technology.  Our philosophy is called Jelly Bean Working; an approach founded on the idea that people are different and so one size doesn’t fit all, that workspace should be activity based and so aligned to the task at hand and that digital disruption is a way of life and so technology should permeate all aspects of work and the workplace.

Alongside its advisory projects, it provides research and forecasting including futures reports and white papers

With a team of passionate and talented individuals with backgrounds in mathematics, economics, behavioural science, chemistry and organisational design, UnWork provides a refreshing approach to the new world of work.