Unwork podcast: book authors discuss how to reimagine workplace

In the first of a new podcast series from the Unwork consulting group, co-authors Philip Ross and Jeremy Myerson talk about their new book which explores the concept of relearning work

Look north: Manchester event to pose the big workplace questions

Worthwhile investments and wellbeing are just two of the hot topics set to animate the upcoming WORKTECH Manchester conference 2023, held in the north of England

The next evolution of work: five principles to embrace change

A joint report from professional services firm Deloitte and developer Lendlease encourages employers to embrace the seismic shifts that are transforming the workplace

Unworking: London conference explores what we need to relearn

WORKTECH’s Unworking conference is set to analyse what habits we should unlearn in the workplace and what innovations will transform working practices in years to come

Foster’s Centre Pompidou retrospective has a future focus

A major exhibition looking at Sir Norman Foster’s work coincides with the completion of major global projects by the practice, including the DJI Sky City for a leading drone maker in China

Hybrid work strategy: what are companies doing now?

With hybrid work becoming the norm for many business sectors, we’ve compiled an index of company strategies – some are clinging to the old ways of working while others embrace change

Modern design pioneer MillerKnoll joins Academy inner circle

How will our places and spaces adapt to the dynamics reshaping work today? MillerKnoll has become a Global Partner of WORKTECH Academy to share its wealth of ideas and insights

What are the most impactful spaces for workplace experience?

New research by architectural firm Gensler in the UK explores what spaces really matter for workplace performance and experience -  and where the office fits into a new ecosystem of work