Moneypenny launches research into legal marketing trends

With the pressure on peer-to-peer insights greater than ever, Moneypenny is calling all law firms to participate in its latest research to uncover the trends within legal inbound marketing and the impact the pandemic has had on business acquisition in the industry

A way out: how coworking spaces are supporting the office return

As organisations look for routes to return to the office, flexible workspaces could provide the missing piece of the puzzle in building the hybrid workplace. This article looks at smart flexible solutions to bring people back

Lessons from Copenhagen: developing a new hybrid strategy

Our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing draws on some of the insights and lessons learned from Denmark – including how companies such as EY and LEGO are shaping their hybrid journey and designing their workplace transformation

Building a vision: can a green city flourish in a US desert?

This WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at plans to build a sustainable city in the US desert,  the least flexible employers in the world, and the search for the immune building

Can mobility hubs change direction to sustainable journeys?

This WORKTECH Academy Briefing  looks at a new report from Arup and the Go Ahead Group which sets out a blueprint for better connections between sustainable modes of transport

The right to flex: could new legislation empower employees?

In our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing we explore new government-led strategies to embed flexible working into the ‘new normal’ and we welcome back the long awaited in-person return of our flagship London conference

Understanding the new parameters of work life

From time management to understanding the people you work with, how can employees adapt to a different era of work? A new report by Nespresso explores how to navigate the hybrid workplace

Perks of the job: will office bribes bring people back?

This WORKTECH Academy briefing looks at how this autumn’s much-heralded return to the office is being greased by a few well-placed employee incentives - from free food, DJs and dogs to safe space