The right to flex: could new legislation empower employees?

In our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing we explore new government-led strategies to embed flexible working into the ‘new normal’ and we welcome back the long awaited in-person return of our flagship London conference

Understanding the new parameters of work life

From time management to understanding the people you work with, how can employees adapt to a different era of work? A new report by Nespresso explores how to navigate the hybrid workplace

Perks of the job: will office bribes bring people back?

This WORKTECH Academy briefing looks at how this autumn’s much-heralded return to the office is being greased by a few well-placed employee incentives - from free food, DJs and dogs to safe space

Back from the brink: how cities are plotting a healthier future

As changing work patterns begin to influence the future health and sustainability of our urban spaces, Healthy City Design International Congress 2021 will set an agenda for radical change

The Great Resignation: why are knowledge workers quitting en masse?

This WORKTECH Academy briefing looks at why so many workers are leaving their jobs, how large firms are struggling with the return to the office, and what to expect at this autumn’s in-person WORKTECH event in Copenhagen

Good days at work: the value for business performance

This WORKTECH briefing looks at the business impact of having a good day at work, the social theories that govern our workplace behaviour, and this autumn’s WORKTECH Chicago

After the cull: will coworking bounce back in North America?

Coworking operators in North America are still reporting low occupancy rates and cheaper pricing – but new data from Upsuite suggests a recovery is gathering pace in the sector

Design dilemma: what do we do now with all this plexiglass?

This WORKTECH Briefing looks at life after plastic partitions, returning to the office to focus, and disruptive design principles for new workplace thinking