The puzzle of productivity: companies say leadership matters most

How can workplace productivity reach the next level? A new report from Fourfront Group with The United Workplace and WORKTECH Academy polled 120 organisations worldwide to explore key drivers of performance in the workforce


The blended workplace: Singapore shakes up a trio of ingredients

How can culture, technology and space be regarded in equal measure in the workplace of the future? The WORKTECH Singapore 2018 conference took a closer look at how organisations are responding to change

Designed for Wellness

Designed for wellness: how a wellbeing focus could reshape the workplace

What drives the growing focus on workplace wellbeing? And how might this focus redirect workplace design? An event by Milliken and WORKTECH Academy put the wellness trend to the vote


Toronto tunes into a human-centred approach to workplace

As Canada considers how a host of sophisticated new technologies might reshape its offices and cities, this autumn’s WORKTECH Toronto conference will concentrate on putting people back at the forefront

big ideas

Autumn reset: three big ideas organisations are mulling over this fall

Summer’s over and the autumn work grind has clicked back into action. Suddenly everyone is dusting off the big ideas to make working life more bearable

Healthy cities

Designing healthier cities: why the workplace is now the pivotal issue

Public health experts are increasingly looking at change in working practices as the key to unlock the potential for urban wellbeing - as the 2018 Healthy City Design Congress will explore

Buenos Aires

La conferencia internacional líder sobre el futuro del trabajo vuelve a Buenos Aires

Qué es la neuroarquitectura; cómo construir una cultura de alto rendimiento en tu empresa; cuáles serán los nuevos hábitos y modelos de trabajo; cuál será el impacto de las nuevas tendencias y tecnologías emergentes y cómo se rediseñan las prácticas de la enseñanza en escenarios contemporáneos

Sick days

Why falling sick days in the UK workplace are not a cause for celebration

British workers are taking less time off sick than ever before. But that doesn’t mean its offices are healthier. Could presenteeism be playing a part?