Say the word: gearing up for 2021 lexicon of work

With new ways of working comes a new workplace dialogue. WORKTECH Academy gathers some of the key buzzwords for the new year

A digital toolbox for future workplace transformation

As employees demand more from their workplace and the overall performance of building portfolios, how can corporate real estate managers respond? A new report by Locatee and Memoori identifies the key digital tools to support change

Innovation Day 2020: new scenarios for augmenting work

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Puzzle of Wellbeing: putting the post Covid-19 pieces together

Workplace wellbeing is clearly understood at the personal employee level, but less so when it comes to translating policies into company performance. A new report from 360 Workplace sets out to crack the code

Smart office: exploring workplace apps and visitor management

As hopes rise for a proper return to the office, our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing introduces the WORKTECH Guides to Workplace Apps and Visitor Management, providing a range of solutions for a better work experience

The Great Return: mapping out the digital direction for returning to the office

As companies plot their strategy to get people back into the office, many organisations are looking to digital solutions to offer a safe and flexible return

Back from the brink: what happens next for corporate real estate?

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Why reducing our reliance on the car is a casualty of Covid-19

Our latest WORKTECH Wednesday Briefing looks at a new report from the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) which reveals growing reluctance to hop onto crowded public transport