New research shows Australia is the top talent destination of choice

The latest data from the world’s largest talent mobility study finds that Australia is the most desirable country to move to for work, while London tops the charts as most popular city

Dare to dream: Milan Design Week exhibits raise the creative bar

The 2024 edition of Milan Design Week was heralded as a ‘return to form’ with a more dynamic and experimental direction in furniture and interiors

Kasia Maynard: new head of editorial and research joins Academy

Newly-created senior post is part of a long-term plan to significantly enhance the content-creation capabilities of WORKTECH Academy

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A city from scratch: unravelling the debate surrounding California’s newest urban venture

A new initiative aiming to create a brand-new city in Solano County, California promises affordable housing, an influx of jobs, and a commitment to sustainability measures, but faces several challenges before it gets the go-ahead

Change playbook: discover 20 different ways to transform your office

A major push globally to redesign office space for the new workplace era is leading to some smart and innovative design interventions, says a new report from technology company MRI

Reach for the sky: trend for supertalls shows no sign of shrinking

In recent months, the number of tall office and mixed-use building projects has rocketed skywards. But despite their popularity, skyscrapers also have their critics

Indoor air quality: experts call for standards to be enforced

Top scientists have published a research paper that proposes mandatory standards to control key indoor pollutants in public buildings and better systems for clean air