New Zealand event looks at resilience and relieving stress

This year’s WORKTECH Auckland conference will map put the central challenges of the modern workplace and explore solutions for people, place and technology

Why leadership and learning need to change in the new era

What are the top priorities for reinvention as hybrid working takes hold? A Lewis Silkin podcast featuring the co-authors of a new book, Unworking, explores the options

Sydney conference shapes up to explore Australia’s future workplace

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Taming hybrid: Melbourne conference set to probe at human scale

In addressing some of the knottiest problems of the new workplace, speakers at this year’s WORKTECH Melbourne event will showcase ideas for a compassionate, resilient and fun workplace

WORKTECH event series on future of work celebrates 20-year milestone

Launched at the British Library in 2003, the WORKTECH conference has reached more than 40 cities after two decades of inspiration and expansion

Tech trends in financial workplace go under the microscope

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Get set for Basel: Swiss precision shaping the future of work

Among the many forward-facing sessions at WORKTECH’s 2023 Basel conference, there will be an in-depth look at how the life science sector is faring after the pandemic

What’s on the cards for 2023? Top 20 trends explored

A surge in data analytics in a more scientific workplace is just one of 20 key ideas discussed in a new WORKTECH Academy report, The World of Work in 2023